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"If it sounds country, thats what it is, It’s a country song.“


It’s what Kris Kristofferson said. the writer that spoke about the common people when common people where not yet crushed by 40 years of neoliberalism.

When country music - any music - wasn’t yet taken over by consumerism and capitalist logic. When Punk was still alive.

When there was still some sort of class consciousness that has long been buried by the onslaught of oppression dividing and conquering people along cultural and racial lines and hiding the fact that the shitline runs between those below and those above, the haves and the have-nots.

When there were still wide efforts to unite students, unions and the marginalised. When racism, sexism and the class war were not played against one another.


Was there ever a time like that? It might as well be now, as the foundations of oppression have never changed. Not in a long, long time. They just might be hard to spot as there is too much distraction on your iphones and too much worry in your daily lives.


To unravel and show the structures, is one thing Rodeo FM are after. To broadcast what’s wrong and how it plays out in the large and the tiny context, in love, over time and within the struggle. How the devil pays the bills and how the carpet underneath which the bad shit goeskeeps growing .


As such Rodeo FM have been playing relentlessly since 2004, the music being compared to Tom Petty and the Stones and incorporating a heritage from Gram Parsons to Howe Gelb. They have played art and country fairs, demonstrations and symposiums, jazz and beer festivals, weddings and funerals, punk cellars and linedance clubs. Blending their own Americana by moving effortlessly between country, folk, blues, jazz and garage rock. moving towards the emancipatory. relishing the subversive.


and always, always pulling people onto the dancefloor.

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